Links of handouts and music are below


Three Blind Mice.pdf - This shows how a melody is altered when improvising

basic blues in F.pdf

(a video of me playing this is on the video page)

25 boogie basses.pdf

These are l.h. patterns that can work as accompaniment.

ii - V - I .pdf

These can be played as is, or with the chords in both hands or with the chords in the l.h. and the r.h. playing the root and fifth of each chord...

guide tone exercise.pdf

This exercise should be played using the ii9-V13-Imaj9-I6/9 chords in the l.h. and in all keys.

walking bass blues.pdf

Rachmaninoff exercise.pdf

Turn back progression.pdf

Through written songs:

Tangerine pg 1.pdf         

tangerine pg 2.pdf       

tangerine pg 3.pdf     

tangerine pg 4.pdf       

South Side Shuffle.pdf


Autumn Leaves.pdf

talk o the town.pdf

(with fingerings!)