Links of handouts and music are below


CLASS HANDOUTS: Just click the pdf link and it should open for you.

Three Blind Mice.pdf - This shows how a melody is altered when improvising

basic blues in F.pdf

(a video of me playing this is on the video page)

25 boogie basses.pdf

These are l.h. patterns that can work as accompaniment.

ii - V - I .pdf

These can be played as is, or with the chords in both hands or with the chords in the l.h. and the r.h. playing the root and fifth of each chord...

guide tone exercise.pdf

This exercise should be played using the ii9-V13-Imaj9-I6/9 chords in the l.h. and in all keys.

9th chords.pdf,

9th chords pg 2.pdf

9th chords page 3.pdf

This is just a print out of 9th chords to read and play to get familiar with.

walking bass blues.pdf

(a video of me playing this is on the video page)

Mus 361 repertoire .pdf mus 361 reper. pg 2.pdf

These 2 pages are a list of suggested repertoire choices

12 bar Blues structures.pdf

This chart gives 10 different variations of basic 12 bar blues harmonies

Rachmaninoff exercise.pdf

Turn back progression.pdf

mus 361 syl spr '14.pdf                    mus 361 course outline.pdf

Jamey Aebersold Vol 1: How to play Jazz (selected pages):


This shows the many different symbols that can be used for chords in printed music

scale-chord tips.pdf

this is an excellent drill to improvise over changes in a song.  Remember 9ths can be played rootless, too.

tune learning.pdf

These are good pointers in learning a song.

scale drills.pdf

scale drills over chords.  Note the  different “root sequences” at the bottom (to cover all the keys)

rachmaninoff exercise.pdf

Chord progression to build finger stength and dexterity.