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Fall 2015:

Compton Center

Astronomy 12
Sec 9828 - M/W

Astronomy 20
Sec 9830 - M
Sec 9831 - M/W

Astronomy 25
Sec 9833

Physics 1A
Sec 9889 - M/W

Summer 2015:

Compton Center

Astronomy 20 Sec 9829 - M/T/W/Th

Astronomy 20 Sec 9828 - M/T/W/Th

Physics 2B Sec 9890 - M/T/W/Th

Spring 2015:

Compton Center

Astronomy 12        
Sec #9828 - M/W

Astronomy 20
Sec 9830 - M

Astronomy 20
Sec 9832 - M/W

Astronomy 25
Sec 9833 - Tu/Th

Physics 1C
Sec 9889 - Tu/Th

Physics 11
Sec 9885 - M/W

Sunset over Guitar Lake

Sunrise on Big Rabbit (by K. Schwitkis)

Opera - neutrino velocity measurement link here.
Rebuttal preprint link here and summary.

Something about me.

How to make a CD-cereal box spectrometer:  This is another extra credit option. To get the extra credit do the following 1) make the spectrometer, 2) look at some different light sources (don't look directly at the sun), 3) draw up the spectra seen, 4) show someone else (like a significant other, friend, or relative) the spectrometer and some spectra, 5) discuss this event with me.

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