Los Angeles City College

Lane Igoudin, M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English/ESL Department








Welcome to this online portal to my activities at the LACC English/ESL Department. The Bio page of this site addresses my teaching experience and academic service. The Courses tab above lists the courses currently being taught. Besides regular ESL classes, I also teach Ling 1 Intro to Linguistics, Ling 2 Sociolinguistics (online), and Ling 3 Psycholinguistics (online), all three UC/CSU-transferrable, and am happy to answer any questions about them.


This spring I was invited to speak at CATESOL Northern Regional Conference in Berkeley on Non-Credit/Credit ESL Pathways. This presentation will most likely be reprised this October at the CATESOL Statewide Conference in San Diego.


Other recent activities include a presentation at CATESOL 2015 on the models of collaboration between ESL and English programs in improving ESL student success in English transfer courses, following up on a related article published in CATESOL News earlier that year, and another article on a broader issue of academic preparedness of ESL students (CATESOL News, 2014). At CATESOL 2015, I also gave a workshop on teaching research writing in advanced ESL courses.


The site’s Research page lists all my publications and presentations in the following areas of applied linguistics and ESL:

·          second language curriculum development

·          academic success in second language learning

·          adult student motivation, social identity, and social context as factors in language learning

·          use of the arts in language learning


In 2011-2015, as Chair of the LACCD ESL Discipline Committee, I coordinated the development of our new districtwide ESL writing/grammar and reading/vocabulary course series. I am currently facilitating the development of the parallel listening/speaking course sequence. If you’d like to learn more about this project, click on the respective links above.


You can always reach me by email at igoudial@lacitycollege.edu. Enjoy your day,

- Dr. Igoudin