Los Angeles City College

Lane Igoudin, M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, English/ESL Department

Chair, LACCD ESL Discipline Committee


Winner, 2013 David Eskey Award for Curriculum Innovation in ESL, CATESOL









Welcome to my website!


I teach ESL and linguistics in the LACC English/ESL Department. My teaching experience and academic service are described on the Bio page of this site. The Courses tab above lists the courses I am teaching this year.


This fall I am participating in an ESL policy issues panel presentation at CATESOL 2014, where I am focusing on the models of collaboration between ESL and English in improving ESL student success in English transfer courses. This presentation is a follow-up to my 2013 CATESOL presentation and an article on the academic preparedness of ESL students which appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of CATESOL News.


Earlier this year, I also posted an article titled “Should the Culture Match the Language? Pluricultural Pedagogy in Language Teaching” on the blog of the 2014 Education and Language Competences Conference organized by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe.


In March 2014, I was glad to return to one of my alma maters, CSU Long Beach, to give a presentation to CSULB linguistics students on careers in TESOL.


The site’s Research page contains the publications and presentations related to my research interests: adult student motivation, social identity, social context, and academic success of language learning, as well as the use of arts in TESOL. I am particularly pleased with the recent publication of three book chapters in International Perspectives in English Language Teaching: Motivation (London: Palgrave Macmillan), Multilingual and Multicultural Pedagogy: The Actor in Globalized Context (Paris: Editions des Archives Contemporaines), and in Multilingual Identities (Berlin: Peter Lang).


Additionally, feel free to contact me regarding the work of the LACCD ESL Discipline Committee, which represents ESL programs in the largest community college district in the country. For the new writing/grammar and reading/vocabulary course series we have developed in 2010-2014, click on the respective links.


You can always reach me by email at igoudial@lacitycollege.edu. Best regards,

- Dr. Igoudin