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Index of Refraction of Common Materials (***Includes Awesome Applet!!!):


Light Test (Good Generalization):


Geometrical Optics (Ray Tracing); ***Awesome Applet:


Young's Double Slit Diffraction Experiment:

Thin Film Interference:


Complicated Stuff:


UVA, UVB, and UVC:

Rayleigh Scattering (Blue Skies!!!):

Elastic collisions make 0 difference in energy between incident and scattered photons


Types of Polarization (Highly Complicated Mathematically):



Compton Scattering


Raman Scattering

Raman Scattering:

Raman scattering occurs because a molecular vibration can change the polarizability.  The difference in energy between the incident photon and the Raman scattered photon is equal to the energy of a vibration of the scattering molecule.

Skin Cancer:

Color (Eye perception and Computer Color):


What makes Glass Transparent:


Other Questions:

You Pick!:
Transparent and Opaque:                                                       
UV needs from some Animals: Reptiles and Amphibians: 




Neg. Index of Refraction:
Blackbody Radiation Answered (Visible vs. Infrared):