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Class is cancelled today, Thursday 4/17/14, due to illness.  I had a 103 fever for most of the night (with interspersed vomiting….yuck!) and can’t make it today.  Sorry.  Anatomy students (Thurs lab especially) start studying the cranial nerves (there is a chart in the lab book).  This is the easiest of the practicums and will cover only the 4 pages that follow the muscle section in the lab book.  To get credit for attending class today you MUST email me with your name and a subject line of “present” OR sign the attendance sheet.   Physiology students – the lecture exam will be postponed till the following week (not next week).  You should still be working on your pH problems for practice.  Thurs lab for physiology, we will make up the quizzes next week and the lab some other time.  Sorry again for the inconvenience.  If I could be there, I would.  I do not want to get anyone sick and it is hard to teach when I have the chills and can barely stand.  Take care!

-      Prof G 


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