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Hi! I am Phyllis Eckler and as you can see below I teach a variety of dance and physical education classes in the Los Angeles area. My classes are a fun, high energy experience. If you are interested in enrolling in one of the courses that I teach, contact L.A. City College to apply or to register, use the L.A. City College link below.
Courses Taught at L. A. City College:
Jazz Dance I (Dance Techniques 121) section #2150 (eight weeks only)

Jazz Dance II (Dance Techniques 122) section #2151 (starts on Oct. 27)

Yoga Skills I (Tues./Thurs.) DATQ221 section #2020

Yoga Skill I (Fridays) DATQ221 section #2125

Yoga Skill II (Fridays) DATQ222 section #2126

 Body Conditioning (KIN229) section #2178,


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