Dr. Sion Daftari

Anatomy 1

Lecture: Tuesdays 6:50-10:00 pm
    Sci 111

Lab: Mondays/Wednesdays 6:50-10:00 pm
    Sci 120

Email: daftars@lacitycollege.edu

Office: Sci 222; hours by appointment

Text Books Required: Human Anatomy Seventh Edition (or latest edition)

                                                 By: Martini, Timmons, and Tallitsch

                                    Lecture Supplement (Available at the LACC bookstore)

                                                By: Dr. S. Daftari

                                    A Photographic Atlas of the Human Body

Lab Book Required: Anatomy I Lab Notebook

                                               By: Prof. G. Gonsalves, LACC Department of Life Sciences