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Students can find copies of syllabi for Dance TQ 221 Yoga Skillsi, Dance TQ 222 Yoga Skills, and  Dance TQ 141 Modern Dance, Dance TQ 142, Modern Dance.  Also included, are handouts, vocabulary lists, writing guidelines and other support information for dance and yoga classes.  This website is for both Los Angeles City College and Pierce College students.

My office hours:

            At Los Angeles City College    
Tuesdays 3:30 - 4pm or by appt.

                 Wednesdays  3:30 -4pm or by appt
Thursdays   3:45 - 4:15 pm - or by appt.

          At Pierce College
             Fridays 10:05 - 10-35 or by appt.


Fall 2014 Classes:

          At Los Angeles City College
                  DanceTQ221  Yoga Skills
Th 4:30-6:35 pm
                  DanceTQ222 - Yoga Skills
Th 4:30-6:35 pm

             DanceTQ 141 - Modern Dance                       T/ W 4:30-6:30 pm
                  DanceTQ 142 - Modern Dance    
               T/ W 4:30-6:30 pm

        At Pierce College

             Kin 251 - 1 Yoga Skills                                           F 8:00-10:05 am             


It is requested that students speak with the instructor during office hours or
schedule an appointment. At LACC, I am in the South Gym Office, Room 102 B or
in the Kinesiology North, adjunct offices, second floor. At Pierce College, I am in the Kinesiology office in the North Gym.


     All students (LACC & Pierce) - You may e-mail me at: 


    Messages can be left at 323-953-4000, ext. 2865.

For all Los Angeles City College and Pierce College Yoga Students:

           Please download all Yoga Handouts and bring to class.  They are part of your text materials for the course.

For all Dance Students:
           Please download all Modern Dance Handouts and bring to class.

For all Students:

            Please download the PATTERNS OF TOTAL BODY CONNECTIVITY Handouts and bring to class.


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Modern Contemporary Dance Info

 Dance Review Written Guidelines

Modern Dance Vocab Study Guide

Study Guide for Yoga

Yoga 1

Yoga 2

Asana List
Decoding Asanas

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