The Emeriti Association has since its inception provided two newsletters each school year. These were issued in the middle of the Spring and Fall semesters. The newsletters included a President's message, perhaps a financial report, news of the adventures of retired faculty, news of the happenings on campus, perhaps a listing of newly decesased faculty, and usually an announcement of the date and location of the biannual Emeriti open meetings. Additionally, some contain articles of historic interest about LACC in former times.

We are fortunate that a member has kept many of the older newsletters in paper form, and we have scanned these for your reading pleasure. Below you will find links to those we have available. However, as you can see, it is not a complete set. So, if you have any of the missing newsletters, either in paper or electronic form, we would be grateful if you could make them available to us for inclusion in this collection.

The newsletters are stored in the Adobe PDF (Portable Document File) format. Simply clicking on a link below will start the document download to your computer. Most all systems now have the Adobe Reader program installed. If yours does not, just go to www.adobe.com to obtain a free copy.

Spring 1993   Fall 1993
Spring 1994   Fall 1994
Spring 1995   Fall 1995
Spring 1996   Fall 1996
Spring 1997   Fall 1997
Spring 1998   Fall 1998
Spring 1999   Fall 1999
Spring 2000   Fall 2000
Spring 2001   Fall 2001
Spring 2002   Fall 2002 Not Issued
Spring 2003   Fall 2003
Spring 2004   Fall 2004
Spring 2005 Missing   Fall 2005
Spring 2006 Part 1   Fall 2006
Spring 2006 Part 2   Fall 2007
Spring 2007   Fall 2008 Missing
Spring 2008 Missing   Fall 2009 Missing
Spring 2009 Missing   Fall 2010 Missing
Spring 2010 Missing   Fall 2011 Missing
Spring 2011 Missing   Fall 2012 Missing
Spring 2012 Missing   Fall 2013
Spring 2013   Fall 2014
Spring 2014   Fall 2015
Spring 2015    
Spring 2016    
Spring 2017    
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