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Office Hours by appointment.

Contact information Office: AD 300 Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2480 - email

For course related communication please use the messaging system in your ETUDES-NG account. Click the Private Messages link on the Discussions button in the course site to access this feature.


Each course will consist of lectures suplimented by lab exercises. Homework will be assigned and there will be a brief quiz for each section or chapter. Homework and quizzes will be submitted via the the ETUDES course management system using the Internet. The course website can be reached through the following portal:

Students enrolled as of week before classes begin should have an active ETUDES account, students who add may experience a delay of 24 hours for their account to become active.
Each username consists of the first 2 letters of the first name, the first 2 letters of the last name, and the last 5 digits of the student ID (NOT your SS#).The password will be the birthday month and day. (mmdd)

So Joe Smith, SID 888-45-6789, born June 3, 1981 will have a username of: josm56789; with a password of: 0603

Each student will also be assigned computer access for laboratory and homework exercises. This account will be discussed in class.
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